December 10, 2013

A&E Intervention Alum Commits Suicide


Dillon had a professional intervention, went to rehab, and learned that he was powerless over his addiction. Also, he eventually killed himself. I think these facts are related.

World Series Baseball, Pain Medication, Addiction Falsehoods, And Existential Questions…


Addiction myths permeate our entire culture, even news coverage of the World Series. Which falsehoods are being spread, and how can we debunk them? Does pain medication cause “addiction” or “relapse”?

Ending Your Desire to Use is a Myth?


One “recovering addict’s” idea of a myth kicks off an important discussion about attitudes towards sobriety. Unfortunately, in the recovery culture, sobriety is seen as a sort of punishment, and they still conceive of the high as a great temptation to be avoided. Meanwhile, many people outgrow such desires by realizing that there are better things in life.

Top Ten Ways To Stay Addicted


Here’s a helpful list of ways to make sure you never solve your substance use problem.