Surviving Straight Inc, a Controlling Approach To Addiction Treatment Brings Disastrous Consequences

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One false dichotomy is consistently hurled around in the substance use debate: Should we send 'addicts' to jail, or should we recognize that they have a disease and do the compassionate thing - send them to treatment?  This is a load of nonsense for many reasons, but perhaps most poignantly for the fact that many rehabs are worse than prison.  Our example: a popular chain of adolescent rehabs called Straight Inc, which treated over 50,000 adolescents between 1976 and 1993.  They're the subject … [Read more...]

Charlie Sheen Turns On The Cult – And Feels The Wrath of Alcoholics Anonymous

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The latest news on Charlie Sheen is BIG news.  He has publicly called AA a cult, indicated that it's been screwing up his life for 22 years, and that it has control over his family.  These latest comments have brought things to a true tipping point.  He's being universally attacked as a crazy person for criticizing AA, and no one in the major media seems to have the slightest interest in investigating his claims.  I contend that Sheen's comments are 100% correct. While Sheen is the most … [Read more...]

Dr Drew Has Two and a Half Brain Cells


Charlie Sheen is back in the news, and this time the media seems downright puzzled with his latest comments, they're almost ambivalent about commenting on them.  The stories are a mixed bag, but this seems to be the quote that has most people shocked and appalled: In the interview with former ESPN anchor Patrick, Sheen acknowledged that he's had "some problems lately" and said staying away from crack cocaine is good advice unless a person can "manage it socially."  Asked if he could, Sheen … [Read more...]

No Such Thing As A Former Heroin Addict?

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If you're wondering why people like me are so dead-set against the disease view of addiction, then this recent comment by Dr Drew Pinsky (of MTV and VH1 fame), should make it clear: There's no such thing as 'I was a heroin addict.' That doesn't exist in nature. This is, in a nutshell, the ultimate message from people in the recovery culture who push the idea that addiction is a disease. They're spreading a concept of addiction in which change is impossible, and anyone with a substance use … [Read more...]