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Addiction is not a disease, it is a choice…

...the disease model of addiction has never been scientifically proven. What's more, the disease model hasn't even helped to reduce stigma, reduce overdoses, or even to help people solve their substance use problems. All the promises of the medical model have fallen flat. It's made things worse.

If you're ready for a realistic helpful view, read on. I think you'll find the evidence demonstrates that "addicts" are free to change, and that passing on this information isn't cruel–it's compassionate.

An Open Letter To The Anti-AA Movement: What Are You Fighting For?

There has been a very vocal anti-AA / anti-12-step movement. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, it may be directing people into systems of help that have the same pitfalls as 12-step based programs. It's time this movement really recognizes the broader principles involved, and directs people toward true alternatives. Read more here: An Open Letter To The Anti-12-Step Movement.
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