December 9, 2013

Alec Baldwin’s “Gaming Addiction” and Other Nonsense

alec baldwin american airlines

Alec Baldwin has been labeled an addict for an altercation over cell phone use on a plane. This case makes it clear that addiction hysteria is all about judgment. The so-called mental illnesses of hoarding, Facebook addiction, texting addiction, gaming addiction, and substance addictions are not real illnesses – they are simply behaviors unapproved of by others.

Addiction as a Brain Disease is NOT Big News in 2011

rainbow brain

ASAM declared addiction a brain disease in August, and it was front page news in a media frenzy – but was there any news worth printing there?

A Critic’s View of Drugs, Music, and Creativity


Drugs and art, art and drugs. Is drug use and addiction a necessary evil for the artist? The myth that the best modern music is the result of drug use pervades our culture despite some important weaknesses in this assumption. Let’s examine some critical issues in this debate.

Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction – Defined.


Learn some more helpful and constructive definitions of substance use, substance abuse, and addiction.