A&E Intervention Alum Commits Suicide


It wouldn't be fair to single out one tragedy and define an entire movement by it - so don't get me wrong, that's not what I'm trying to do here.  But the fact is that I come into contact with people every day who've been rendered totally helpless and hopeless by the recovery culture.  Certainly, everyone who undergoes an intervention and treatment on the A&E network's popular television show Intervention doesn't commit suicide, but this guy in the video below did, and maybe we should think … [Read more...]

Surviving Straight Inc, a Controlling Approach To Addiction Treatment Brings Disastrous Consequences

straight still scream

One false dichotomy is consistently hurled around in the substance use debate: Should we send 'addicts' to jail, or should we recognize that they have a disease and do the compassionate thing - send them to treatment?  This is a load of nonsense for many reasons, but perhaps most poignantly for the fact that many rehabs are worse than prison.  Our example: a popular chain of adolescent rehabs called Straight Inc, which treated over 50,000 adolescents between 1976 and 1993.  They're the subject … [Read more...]