December 11, 2013

Recent Rants On Legalization

Penn Rants Legalization

Two recent rants on legalization make me think about how this topic is very relevant to the Freedom Model approach of helping people with substance use problems. Check it out, there’s a great video of Penn Jillette discussing the topic.

Harm Reduction Radio Interviews Michelle Dunbar on The St Jude CBE Program

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Kenneth Anderson of the HAMS Harm Reduction Network has an interesting Blog Talk Radio show which covers a lot of alternative approaches to addiction.  This week, he interviewed Michelle Dunbar, executive director of the Saint Jude Retreats.  She discusses some history of the Saint Jude CBE Program, and discusses the research on success rates.  You […]

The Surprisingly Unfortunate Limitations of CBT


CBT can alternately be empowering and extremely limiting. While it’s built on some true wisdom, it focuses on such a small part of living – our reactions – that it ignores what we can proactively create in our lives by starting at the level of thought.