Recent Rants On Legalization

Penn Rants Legalization

While I am totally in favor of full legalization of all drugs, I don't talk about it much here because I've generally figured it'd be a distraction from my main mission (which is to show people that addiction is not an involuntary behavior but a fluid pattern of choices which can be changed at any given moment).  Nevertheless I was confronted with 2 great pieces on legalization yesterday, which I absolutely must share with my readers, and which I think are relevant to my goals here (which I'll … [Read more...]

Harm Reduction Radio Interviews Michelle Dunbar on The St Jude CBE Program

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Kenneth Anderson of the HAMS Harm Reduction Network has an interesting Blog Talk Radio show which covers a lot of alternative approaches to addiction.  This week, he interviewed Michelle Dunbar, executive director of the Saint Jude Retreats.  She discusses some history of the Saint Jude CBE Program, and discusses the research on success rates.  You can listen to it below, she's the second guest, so skip ahead to the 30 minute mark if you just want to hear her interview: Listen to internet … [Read more...]

The Surprisingly Unfortunate Limitations of CBT


Last week, we discussed the big lesson of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which essentially boils down to: thoughts determine feelings and behavior.  As I said, this is important wisdom.  But I was being very generous to CBT when I framed it that way. CBT definitely is based on that idea, but in reality, they frame it more this way: Your thoughts determine your emotional and behavioral reactions to events. In CBT, patients are regularly taught a simple formulation, often with a diagram … [Read more...]