December 12, 2013

Charlie Sheen Confirms That Chuck Lorre Is an AA Member

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The cancellation of Two And A Half Men is really a heightened version of a spat between 2 men about whether or not AA is an effective solution for a substance use problem. Chuck Lorre holds most of the power in this situation, he also happens to be completely devoted to Alcoholics Anonymous, which Sheen has been openly criticizing. See the evidence here, along with new info from CBS execs.

Charlie Sheen Turns On The Cult – And Feels The Wrath of Alcoholics Anonymous

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When Charlie Sheen said that AA was a cult, he was right. Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre has cancelled production of the show because Charlie denounced AA, and it’s teachings. Why would he do this when he’s continued production in the past when Charlie went through rougher incidents? Because Charlie was in AA back then – but now that he’s left the cult, he needs to be punished.

Choice and Will Power


Will-Power is often confused as being the key element in a choice based model of addiction. One needn’t deny their will in order to solve a substance use problem. Just because addiction is not a disease, that doesn’t mean that one must live with constant “cravings” or desires to use drugs and alcohol. Learn more about a choice based model of addiction here.

South Park on AA

South Park Season 9 Episode 14 - Bloody Mary

South Park did a great episode on the dangers and absurdity of Alcoholics Anonymous and the recovery culture, check it out here.